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Michael Doherty

actor - writer - singer
"Michael Doherty is especially delightful..." New York Times
"...the hands-down brilliant comic actor Michael Doherty." 
- San Fransisco Examiner
"What a clown."
- Michael's Middle School Gym Teacher

current/ Upcoming

Mr. Green in Clue

Directed by Hunter Foster

June 24-October 8, 2022

Randall L. Jones Theatre

Utah Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City, UT

Clown in All's Well That Ends Well

Directed by Melinda Pfundstein

June 20-September 8, 2022

Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre

Utah Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City, UT

Jonas Fogg in Sweeney Todd

Directed by Brad Carroll

June 21-September 9, 2022

Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre

Utah Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City, UT


"I never read reviews."
-Michael Doherty, Professional Liar

dromio of syracuse - comedy of errors - utah shakes

"Doherty is an expert at slapstick comedy, and his energy contributed greatly to the success of several scenes. Doherty was funniest, though, in his asides to the audiences. I usually do not like modern language introduced into Shakespeare plays because the change in tone and rhythm is so jarring, but these were all so brief and completely funny that I just laughed along with the rest of the audience"

- Russell Warne, Utah Theatre Bloggers

"Doherty and Plinio play the characters of Dromio with nuance in their individual performances and memorable moments, but they have such similar attitudes that it is easy to see why the Antipholuses and others in the city are unable to tell the difference. Through pratfalls and increasing neurosis, fish-fights and even lightsaber battles (they are, after all, in the later 1970s and have a swordfight), they are a magnificent pairing."

- Kathryn Olsen, Front Row Reviewers

rick steadman - the nerd - milwaukee rep


"Doherty makes Steadman a perfect blend of obnoxious and funny, with an occasional poignant moment, too... [H]is line readings are excellent, too, and sometimes so subtle... Doherty can now say he's joined the select club of actors who triumphed in this role."

-Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Doherty tackles this grating character with ease."

-Kelsey Lawler, Broadway World Milwaukee

"Doherty makes Steadman a believable and, at times, sympathetic character given how out of touch and out of step he is with the world around him..."

-Harry Cherkinian, Shepherd Express

"Doherty... makes every part of his body a time bomb of humor. From guttural noises to contortions to constant 'in your face' leering, Doherty finds hysterical ways to be obnoxious."

-Dominique Paul Noth, Urban Milwaukee

every brilliant thing - utah shakes


"Doherty’s energetic performance riveted those in attendance, as the narrative swung swiftly and seamlessly from hilarity to tragedy."

-Scott D. Pierce, The Salt Lake Tribune

"Doherty’s ease on stage and his ability to set the audience at ease cannot be overstated. His emotions feel genuine. His skill in playing to each side of the room is remarkable. He is one with the character in a way that seems to blur the lines between reality and fiction. At times it feels like he, the actor, is telling his real life story rather than playing a role. That kind of authenticity only comes from someone with remarkable talent."

-Lisa Larson, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

"Doherty does an amazing job interacting with and playing off the audience... [He] is inexhaustible in his role.  He embodies both the giddiness of a seven-year-old and the angst of a confused teenager... He brings physicality and humor to the role, and throws in some rocking keyboard and vocal skills as well."

-Matt Adams, Front Row Reviewers

ollie - tiny houses - cleveland play house, cincinnati playhouse in the park


"Michael Doherty delights as Ollie, the free spirit fascinated with haunted dolls. Though we know little about how he wound up in a huge house in Oregon, or why he is entranced with the eerie figurines, Michael Doherty creates a character that is creatively etched."

-Roy Berko, Broadway World Cleveland

"...He truly believes in his poltergeist-friendly product, as he explains in a goofily sincere monologue that was so strangely compelling, I had to Google 'haunted dolls' to see if it was a real thing."

-Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer

"Michael Doherty, with a wonderful accent... is a bundle of perpetual motion and does his best to keep everyone pleasant." 

- Mark Horning, Talkin' Broadway

"Doherty brings an unlikely quirkiness to the backwoods setting." 

-David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer


acting reel



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